From my Nottingham workbench I create jewellery that is influenced by the machine age. The designs are wearable with clean and simple elements.

I love silver for its reflective quality, yet also the soft lustrous finish that can be achieved. It’s easily textured, has health giving qualities, is very ductile and has been valued for centuries.

My fondness for wood is the warmth it brings to a creation by its colour, its markings, its grain, and its ability to be used in its natural state, or turned on the lathe. 

Gemstones captivate me, whether precious or semi-precious, for their uniqueness, their power to tell a story and their sheer beauty and radiance.

The jewellery is predominately in eco silver, but often with added elements of gold and both precious and semi-precious gemstones and wood. 

Each piece is personally handmade by me, these include series of pieces and one offs, all of which are intriguing and sophisticated. Frequently my work is commissioned by people valuing something individual and special

Quality is everything; therefore each piece is hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office with the purity of the metal, my initials and the anchor mark and sometimes the year in which it was produced.