“And, all the while, the unceasingly beating heart of the ship is deep down in the vast engine room, where turbo-generators are producing the 200,horse-power and the control panels show the most minute flickering of power in the smallest unit of the enormously complicated mechanism.”  George Blake – R.M.S Queen Mary.


“A tree drinks water as I do, and breathes oxygen. There is the difference that it exhales more oxygen than it consumes, so that it sweetens the air where it grows. It lays the dust and tempers the wind. Even when it is felled, it but enters on a new kind of life. Sawn and seasoned and finished, it lays bare the hidden beauty of its heart, in figures and grains more lovely than the most premeditated design. It is stronger, now, than it was in the living tree, and may bear great strains and take many shapes.”    

Donald Culross PeattieAmerican Heartwood

Creating handmade jewellery